No matter where in New York you might live, one of your main problems might be finding the time to do all the exciting things you would like to do here, while also having a demanding job and a household that needs to be cleaned periodically. What if we were to tell you that there is a smart way of finding the time to do fun things in NY while keeping your place clean? The great news is that you can do it without having to lift a single finger. Now that we have your attention, here is what we have in mind for you.

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Plan A Trip To The Washington Square Park

If you have never been here before, know it is a public park that measures around 9.75 acres in size and it is considered the core of Greenwich Village. Washington Square Park is also one of the most emblematic places in New York due to its impressive history. The fact that the park serves as the backdrop to lots of movements regarding people’s civil rights and a series of celebrations make is appealing to lots of visitors. Make sure not to miss the incredibly talented “Piano Man” Colin Huggins playing his grand piano in the outdoors here every now and then. His performances are impeccable and mesmerizing to say the least and you can check him out on YouTube. If you also happen to be a big fan of pianos and classical music in general, you should definitely make the time to stop buy and have a listen.

Drop By The Madison Square Park

madison squareIf you cannot remember when was the last time when you visited this wondrous green oasis located in the Flatiron district, it might be high time to plan a visit here. Make sure you do not confuse this place with Madison Square Garden, as many tourists do. The Madison Square Park consists of environs drenching in exciting art exhibits in the outdoors, free music concerts, the Shake Shack and many more. The park has plenty of benches where you can spend some good old fashioned leisure time, recharge your batteries and do some people-watching. Make sure you also step onto the southwest part of this park so you can witness what is considered to be the cradle where baseball was originally born.

Drop By The Three Lives & Company

If you have never heard of Three Lives & Company before, we should probably start by letting you know that this is an extremely cozy bookstore that looks like it has been cropped out of a bygone era. The bookstore is fully lined with loads of shelves that are entirely packed with interesting book titles. If you were searching for a special place where you can browse a book in flesh and bones and pick it up from a shelf without coming across the same titles that you can usually see at Barnes & Noble, this is it. Get ready to find some spectacular biography and rare prints from England that cannot be found anywhere else in the US. The bookstore mostly revolves around fiction and narrative nonfiction literature, but you should also be able to find an exclusive section dedicated to the city and a travel shelf where you should find all the extra inspiration you were looking for. If you have a rare title in mind and you cannot find it on the shelves there, talk to the friendly team there and ask them to place a custom order for you.

Visit The Statue Of Liberty, The Most Popular Statue In The World

The Statue of Liberty is the most famous copper statue on the planet and it has proudly held her torch in the NY Harbor for 135 years and counting. It is, by far, one of the most prestigious and easily recognizablestaue of liberty symbols of the American land and also the main symbol representative of the American liberty. The statue that measures 205 feet in height is placed on a huge pedestal that also houses an observation deck and lots of exhibits that will inform you of the detailed history of the statue made of copper. The Statue of Liberty was a gift that the American people received from the French people as a means of celebrating the friendship of the two countries. Visitors can see the initial torch and bronze plaque and read the famous “A New Colossus” poem written by Emma Lazarus here.

The Staten Island Ferry is free of charge and it normally sails really close to the statue, which means you can go there even if you are on a budget. Besides, out expert carpet cleaning services NY are some of the most affordable in town, so you should also be able to save some money by hiring us as well.

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