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One of the easiest ways of decorating your home and giving it a fresh look is by carpeting it. Carpets do not only make any home look more appealing and stylish, but they also transfer part of the owner’s personality into it. Plus, they can boot the market value of a property and add more comfort and convenience. In order to keep your beloved carpets looking nice and clean in the long term, and even prolong their lifespan, you will need to learn a few things on roper carpet cleaning, care, and maintenance. Since there is a lot of confusing and faulty information on carpet cleaning you can find online, these next few lines will introduce you to a few of the greatest myths on the topic and debunk them.

Myth #1: You Should Not Use High-powered Cleaners On Your Carpet

This is a false claim that has been going around since the inception of professional carpet cleaning services. You will not destroy your carpet if you will have a high-power machine clean it. And you will not wear it out ahead of time either. That is, if you will be smart about it and hire an expert who actually knows what they are doing.

An experienced carpet cleaner will help you take your mind off the stress and know for sure the cleaning process will go smoothly. Our IICRC certified carpet cleaners are trained to thoroughly inspect all types of carpets and use the most suitable, non-harmful cleaning methods, tools, and cleaning agents. We only work with eco-friendly and allergy-friendly cleaning agents, so you, your children and pets will be well protected against harsh chemicals.

Plus, high-pressure steam cleaners will freshen up the colors in your carpets and help eliminate old stains, spots, and bad odors. If a poorly trained technician would use a steam cleaner the wrong way, they could damage your carpet. Hence, the main reason why you should hire expert cleaners and make sure the right equipment is handled the way it should be. Plus, steam cleaning is excellent for long-term maintenance.

Myth #2: Cleaning Your Carpets Will Ruin Their Original Look

There are people who wrongfully believe carpets should only be cleaned when there are visible stains on them. Otherwise, they think having their carpets steam or dry cleaned will only shorten their lifespan and make them fade before the time. This is yet another false myth we would like to debunk.

The advent of carpet cleaning technologies and the continuous improvements in the industry have led to a series of high-quality cleaning methods and equipment. Today’s cleaning agents are safe for use on your carpet. The catch is to use the right cleaners according to manufacturers’ instructions. They act by reaching down deep into the fibers and eliminating all residue, dirt, and allergens. The Carpet Cleaners 4 Less team only works with organic, environmentally-friendly cleaning agents and substances that will not harm you in any way. If you are not sure whether a carpet cleaner is suitable for your carpet, read the instructions and test a small and inconspicuous surface. By using the wrong cleaner, you will risk ruining your carpets. By hiring expert carpet cleaners, you will lower the risks of having something like that happen.

Myth #3: Clean Carpets Attract Mold

There are people who believe keeping their carpets clean will actually create a thriving growth environment for mold and mildew. Their logic is that in order to be cleaned, carpets need to be washed, and improper drying can trap moisture. And moisture will attract mold. This is true, provided you will chose to wash your carpets on our own, or have them steam cleaned using a domestic steam cleaner. If you do not know how to use a steam cleaner, or you cannot ensure your carpets will dry off ne hundred percent, it is best to have pros handle it.

We here at Carpet Cleaners 4 Less specialize in high-quality, eco-friendly steam cleaning methods. We guarantee your carpets will leave our hands in pristine condition, fully dried, looking cleaner and fresher than ever. We can revive faded colors and repair broken fringes. And we even provide re-weaving services for Oriental carpets and area rugs that require a little extra restoration work. We guarantee there will be no traces of dirt, debris, stains, mold, or mildew on your carpets on the day of delivery, and a long time after. We rely on professional drying techniques that the regular homeowner cannot possibly imitate.

Keep your carpets clean all the time and you will be actually cutting the risks of seeing mold grow on them and into the house anything soon.

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