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Having water on your living room floor or in the basement can definitely cause a lot of damage to your home. Generally speaking, water that reaches places where it is not wanted or needed can take a toll on your property and your precious belongings. It could also threaten your own well-being, if electrical wiring and home appliances that are plugged in are involved.

This is why it is imperative that you act fast and effective as soon as you notice the flood has been produced in your home. Act to keep the water damage at a minimum and cut your loss as much as you can. Who knows what the insurance company will say about your claim – besides, who could ever replace those broken heirlooms and family photo albums?

Effects Of Water Damage

Some of the most common problems triggered by home floods are furniture and carpet damage to the point of no repair. But broken kitchen appliances and home electronics are also most likely on the doomed side as well. Hardwood floors will also, needless to say, fall into the same category.

Water that has reached even the smallest corners and hard to access areas will almost inevitably cause mold and bacteria to grow. They will conquer your walls, floors and carpets and cause health issues or exacerbate existing ones.

Assuming you are now convinced why speed is of the essence in case of water damage, here is what you should do to make sure the damage is kept at a minimum.

Turn Off The Power Supply

Immediately disconnect the power supply and switch off all of your appliances and electronic devices. Get all the furniture and carpets out of the room before the water reaches them. Keep in mind water can easily reach the level of your power outlets and pose a genuine risk for your life.

Try to have the carpet cleaned and disinfected using professional cleaning agents. It might be best to get in touch with a nearby carpet cleaners in NYC and ask them to do a complete cleaning and disinfecting job.

Remove The Water

Use buckets and towels and mob away all the excess water. Use the neighborhood sewage for it, or pour the water into the drainage. Make sure you wear rubber boots when stepping on wet floors. Open all the doors and windows and use fans to blow away air.

Call A Water Damage Restoration Service

If you live in any area, neighborhood, or borough of New York, get in touch with the Carpet Cleaners 4 Less team and ask for their assistance. They also specialize in water damage and restoration services and they cater to the needs of people in NY. We can fix and restore your water damaged home so it can look as good as new. We specialize in expert sanitizing, deodorizing and drying techniques. Our IICRC certified technicians rely on state-of-the-art water removal technology and eco-friendly cleaning methods. This means you and your family will be protected against any perils.

Once we have removed all the remaining water, we will move on to dehumidifying the house to make sure no structural damage is done to it. This should also help prevent further aesthetic damage. Next, we will assess the moisture content and humidity throughout the dehumidification process and make sure our home will be restored to its pre-flood condition. We will also apply a series of anti-mold and -mildew precautionary solutions and make sure to minimize the damage and loss as much as possible. While disinfection should be thorough, using bleach on all surfaces to kill the germs is a bad idea for most surfaces that are prone to fading and discoloration. Hence, it is best to rely on expert carpet cleaner with experience in the field.

We can also take care of your carpet, floor, tile and grout, and drapery cleaning needs. Our commercial-grade carpet cleaning methods, equipment, and cleaning agents will leave your home looking clean and fresh once again. We understand how stressful and frightening it can be to go through a flood inside your home. Pipes break from time to time, and heavy rainfall can also create unwanted events inside your home. Our friendly team will assist you 24/7 and help you schedule appointments at times that are most convenient to you. We will answer your every question and concern and make sure all cleaning and restoration processes are thoroughly explained to you down to the smallest detail.

We are upfront with our estimates and we will provide you with free, no-obligation quotes. If your home has been damaged by water, get in touch with us straight away and let us help you in any way that we can. Contact a repairman for your broken electronics and use dehumidifiers and an air conditioner to get rid of all the extra moisture.