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Professional New York Area Rug Cleaners

Commercial And Residential Services


Carpet Cleaners 4 Less  specializes in the full range of area rug cleaning services for both home and business clients in the New York area. No matter if you live in Queens or Brooklyn, or your commercial space is located in The Bronx, New York City, or Manhattan, our mobile teams of rug cleaners NYC based can cater to your every cleaning need. We have created a fully customized cleaning process for area rugs. We will factor in the make and model of rugs you need to be serviced, the materials they are made of, and your expectations, and generate the best solutions.

IICRC-Certified Rug Cleaners

All of our area rug cleaning technicians have undergone specific training and have passed IICRC testing in order to receive their certification. This means they will only employ the highest-ranking industry-accepted cleaning procedures and methods to ensure quality service every time.

We work with all types of Oriental rugs, including Silk rugs, Viscose rugs, Turkish, Persian, wool, and others. We can provide you with professional hand-washing solutions for zero-damage jobs. Our experienced area rug cleaners also handle deep shampoo cleaning procedures for advanced cleaning needs and deeply embedded dirt and pollutants. Our technicians are also trained for complex washing jobs for large-sized area rugs in office spaces and commercial buildings. They rely on industrial machines that do a remarkable job on any type of area rug.

Prior to determining the most suitable plan of action for your home or office area rugs, we will carefully analyze the manufacturer’s instructions. Each rug has its unique requirements and needs, and we will evaluate all of them before deciding upon one cleaning method or the other.

Oriental Rug Cleaners NYC

Oriental rugs are extremely valuable and they often times reach exorbitant price tags, as they are hand-weaved and dyed over the course of years by skilled hands. They can be made of wool, silk, cotton, or mixes of fabrics, and they can be pile or flat woven. In most homes, they are some of the most precious heirlooms owners are struggling to preserve for the generations to come.

Sadly, the wear-and-tear factor, direct sunlight exposure, staining, and other accidents affect the beauty and charm of these gorgeous carpets. Hiring an expert area rug cleaner in NY can make a huge difference on the lifespan of your Oriental rugs.

They will rely on various washing techniques in accordance with the carpet’s label instructions, the fabrics it is made from, and whether it is colorfast or not. A rug that is not colorfast will bleed when getting into contact with water. You may only dry clean some area rug models. Avoid harsh chemicals and consider hiring expert cleaners when dealing with a non-colorfast rug that requires deep cleaning.

Cleaned Persian rug


Persian Rug Cleaning

The Persian rug cleaning process begins with removing all the dust in it with the help of a powerful vacuum machine. Next, we will use a mix of soap and filtered water. Carpet Cleaners 4 Less only works with organic, allergy-friendly soap. Our technicians will gently apply some pressure on the carpets with the help of a computer-monitored system that will self-adjust after assessing the rug’s thickness and pile.

Next, they will proceed with the cleaning and rinsing, that should be done at the same time to avoid over-saturating the carpet with water. Proprietary pre-drying methods are also used at times to generate optimal drying results and keep mold at bay.

Fringes are usually handled separately and by hand, to avoid unnecessary damage. Fringe re-weaving is also an available options that will be used in case of broken or damaged fringes that need to be restored to their initial form. It is also possible for some parts of an area rug to be weaved again using similar wool colors, for a full restoration process.

Turkish Rug Carpet Cleaners

The incommensurable beauty and great value of Turkish area rugs should be protected at all costs. Especially since some of these rugs can easily reach price tags with five zeros. Expert area rug cleaning services will carefully assess the fabrics, colors, fringes, and patterns, read the manufacturer’s instructions and decide upon the most efficient, safe, and harm-free cleaning method.

Wool Rugs Cleaning Services In NY

Carpet Cleaners 4 Less is proud to be one of the few expert rug cleaning companies that specialize in wool rug services in New York. These types of carpets are an amazing choice for any home or business space, not to mention they are green alternatives to synthetic rugs. However, this also comes with a few minor inconveniences. Among them, the fact that water should be kept away from these rugs, or you will risk greatly damaging them. Vacuuming should also be moderate, as there is always the risk of pulling the fibers out and tearing them apart.

Our service was many years of experience tackling wool area rugs of all shapes and sizes. We rely on the safest, most suitable, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and we can also take on the best fringe restoration jobs.

Area Rug Cleaning Prices

Get in touch with us and let us provide you with a free quote for your area rug cleaning needs. We can offer you an estimate over the phone, or we can schedule an on-site consultation at a time that is most suitable for you. Depending on the type of rug you have, the fabrics it is made from, its age, color dye, and job requirements, labor, equipment, and cleaning agents, we will establish a comprehensive quote for you.

Call today, get a free estimate, and schedule an appointment with our expert rug cleaning technicians.