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Ensure your home or office shines with our specialized carpet cleaning techniques, tailored to remove stains and refresh your environment.

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Carpet Cleaners4less is a Top-rated Rug and Carpet Dyeing Company NYC, NY

Our professionalism has been cultivated through rigorous training in both standard cleaning practices and organic,
eco-friendly cleaning methods. This training, coupled with our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, has solidified our reputation as a trusted provider in the industry.

Carpet Cleaners 4 less

Trusted Rug and Carpet Dyeing Cleaners in NYC, NY

We excel in meeting all your residential and commercial
carpet cleaning requirements.

Area Rug Cleaning

Specialized cleaning techniques for all types of area rugs, preserving their color and integrity.

Wood Floor Cleaning

Restore the natural beauty of your wood floors with our gentle, yet effective cleaning methods.

Furniture and Upholstery

Revitalize your furniture with our deep cleaning services that remove dirt and allergens effectively.

Tile and Grout

Our powerful cleaning solutions make your tile sparkle and your grout look like new again.

Mattress Cleaning

Enjoy a healthier sleep environment with our thorough mattress cleaning services.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Comprehensive Oriental Rug Cleaning that extends the life of your rugs

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” I was planning a big home party and I needed all my carpets to be cleaned within a week. I didn’t think it was possible, buy they’ve outdone themselves. 5 star service, friendly team, will use again.

Erin M, Brooklyn


“‘I’m very happy with the work they did on my old living room sofa. They steam cleaned it in about an hour and charged a decent price. I scheduled all my carpets for steam cleaning next month.”

Jessie M., Bronx

Satisfied Customer

” It was a real pleasure working with them again. They cleaned my living room wool rug and re-weaved a few broken fringes by dog had chewed on. I highly recommend their service to anyone in NY.” 

David R., NY

Apartment Resident

Our Team and Fleet

Explore our gallery to see our dedicated team and state-of-the-art cleaning trucks in action. Each image captures the essence of our commitment to providing top-notch carpet cleaning services throughout New York City.

Carpets and area rugs are some of the most convenient means of adding more charm to the décor of any room while serving their purpose of protecting the flooring and keeping your feet cozy and comfortable. Owning an antique silk or cotton Oriental area rug that has been in your family for many generations or having invested in several modern-day or Chinese Art Deco rugs for all the rooms in your home means constantly having to worry about their maintenance and care.

Carpet Dyeing in NYC

Unavoidably, bacteria, mold caused by high humidity in your home, high foot traffic, accidental bleach, food or drink spills, and other similar damaging factors will eventually take their toll on your carpets. Fading colors, broken patterns that require restoring, difficult stains and spots that are impossible to get rid of, or your simple desire to renovate your home and change the colors of your old carpets to match the new style are all good reasons to contact our expert carpet dyeing and faded color restoration services.

We are available for all types of carpet dyeing and color change services for both residential and commercial services and we can help you save up to 80 percent of the cost of buying new carpets. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate and let us show you why we are considered one of the best carpet cleaning and dyeing companies in the country.

Carpet Dyeing Services We Currently Provide:

  • solid and multicolor dyeing and color change services
  • residential and commercial dyeing and color restoration
  • cor change and color restoration for faded carpets
  • servicing for all types of Oriental area rugs
  • advanced bleach stain removal
  • spot and stain removal on all types of carpets, including pet accidents, red wine and coffee spills, paint or oil stains

The Carpet Cleaners 4 Less team can handle anything from small home carpet dyeing to wall-to-wall commercial area rug color change or faded color restoration services. We handle each job with the same amount of professionalism and we only work with the most advanced tools, color matching software, and dyeing techniques in the industry.

All of our technicians are IICRC-certified, have rich experience under their belts, and are ready to tackle the most difficult tasks possible. Multi-color carpets with complex patterns and unique shades that need to be restored and brought back to their original form and design are their specialty. However, they are also readily available to handle even the simplest faded color issues for modern rugs and restore their lost charm and beauty.

Our commercial and residential carpet dyeing services are handled with the help of environmentally-friendly, fast dry dyes that do not bleed or run. If you, your loved ones or your employees suffer from any allergies, you needn’t worry about dealing with any kind of health issues once our dyeing jobs will be completed. You should have no problem stepping on them and resuming your normal activities straight away while admiring the brand new or freshly restored colors in your carpets.

Bleach-Damaged Carpet Repair Services

Carpets covered in bleach stains look discolored. The unnatural yellow or white spots are easily distinguishable and are usually a reason for a lot of distress for owners. With little to no real solutions for safely removing bleach stains available on the market, you are left to hire the services of expert carpet dyeing services. The Carpet Cleaners 4 Less team is here to get you rid of those unsightly stains and dye your carpets using the original colors affected by the bleach – or use a new set of colors if you feel the need for a change.

Faded Carpet Repairs

Over time, because of the wear-and-tear, improper maintenance and cleaning practice or accidental spills, your carpets and area rugs will eventually start to fade their colors and shades will not look as bright, vivid or spectacular as they did when you bought them, and your guests will also start to notice their lost glow and charm. Unfortunately, homemade attempts to rekindle the lost spark will usually not work. Professional technicians who handle carpet cleaning, repairs, and dyeing can help.

We are here to effectively restore faded colors and shades, mix new colors, and create completely unique and original ones or let you select your favorite colors. Get in touch with us today and let us know exactly what you need help with.

Competitive Carpet Dyeing Prices

We offer free, no-obligation quotes and can help you save between 60 to 80 percent on carpet replacement costs. We can bring back to life your old and faded carpets fast, accurately, and hassle-free at a fraction of the cost of buying new carpeting.

Call today and have our operators schedule an appointment with us so we can start working on your rugs and help you enjoy their long-lost beauty once again!