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” I was planning a big home party and I needed all my carpets to be cleaned within a week. I didn’t think it was possible, buy they’ve outdone themselves. 5 star service, friendly team, will use again.

Erin M, Brooklyn


“‘I’m very happy with the work they did on my old living room sofa. They steam cleaned it in about an hour and charged a decent price. I scheduled all my carpets for steam cleaning next month.”

Jessie M., Bronx

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” It was a real pleasure working with them again. They cleaned my living room wool rug and re-weaved a few broken fringes by dog had chewed on. I highly recommend their service to anyone in NY.” 

David R., NY

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Mold Removal Services

Commercial And Residential 


Knowing exactly how to handle any mold problem at home or at your commercial space can make all the difference when trying to minimize the damage and limit the harmful effects of mold exposure. Hiring a professional mold removal company is the quickest and most efficient way of getting rid of any mold problem. Carpet Cleaners 4 Less specializes in the entire array of mold remediation services for residential clients and businesses.

Whether you are looking for bathroom, basement, HVAC, or upholstery mold removal, mold remediation, or mold cleaning services, give us a call. We only work with fully trained and certified IICRC mold removal specialists who know how to tackle any mold issue with professionalism.

Mold Removal Services We Are Hired to Do

Whether you are confronted with mold problems inside your bathroom, basement, or HVAC system, we are here to assist you. These are some of the most common mold cleaning services we are hired to do for both residential and commercial clients:

  • mold assessments
  • mold and mildew testing
  • advanced mold removal solutions
  • mold remediation and mold cleaning
  • sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower mold removal
  • carpet and mattress mold remediation
  • basement mold cleaning
  • HVAC, air duct, and A/C mold and mildew removal

Mold Inspection for Home and Business

All the certified IICRC mold removal specialists we employ have rich knowledge concerning mold testing, mold identification, and mold inspections. These procedures help them determine the exact extent of a mold colony or infestation, the type of mold they are looking at, and the best containment and remediation procedures to use.

Our mold cleaners can accurately identify all types of mold, including:

  • Allergenic molds that are usually easy to remove and clean with the help of professional mold removal products
  • Pathogenic molds are usually found in massive colonies on larger surfaces
  • Toxic molds that can wreak havoc on your health and which require expert spore killing products
  • Black mold or Stachybotrys with a slimy texture is usually found on ceilings and in areas subject to a large amount of water
  • Acremonium mold that is pink, white, or orange and has a powdery texture is usually found in HVAC air ducts, home humidifiers, and drain and drip pans
  • Mucor mold represented by white or gray patches located close to A/Cs, windows, and doors that leak, or inside HVAC ductwork.
  • Alternaria has a velvet texture and is a dark green or brown in color. It isis usually found in the areas around sinks, toilets, bathtubs, or shower stalls.

These are just a few of the most spread types of molds that we are hired to clean most often. However, there are many more molds in nature that can easily make their way inside your home through open doors and windows, pets, and clothes. When reaching damp or wet surfaces, their spores begin to multiply, eventually causing a series of allergic reactions, skin rashes, or breathing difficulties. We know just how to look for signs of mold in inconspicuous areas including mattresses, carpeting, or inside HVAC ductwork, and help you prevent a massive infestation problem.

Bathroom Mold Remediation & Cleaning

Given their nature, bathrooms are almost always subject to high humidity and wet surfaces that barely have time to dry off completely. This makes them the most vulnerable areas for mold colonies. If you have started to notice small signs of mold or mildew on your tile and grout, around the toilet, or inside your shower, or you are constantly struggling to keep the ceiling or bathtub free from mold with homemade cleaning products, give us a call. We are your go-to expert in bathroom mold remediation services at good prices. We use powerful mold cleaners and expert mold removal tools that will leave your surfaces looking brand new and free of mold once again.

Mattress and Carpet HVAC Air Ducts Mold Removal

If a leak in your roof, condensation from your A/C, a natural flood, or some plumbing issues have caused mold to spread on your carpets and area rugs, get in touch with us. We can come over, remove the excess water, use top mold removal products, remove any stains and bad odors and leave our carpeting looking and smelling fresh. We also tackle all types of upholstery and mattress mold removal services for residential clients and businesses.

A/C Vent and HVAC Ductwork Mold Removal Solutions

Mold inside the A/C or HVAC can cause respiratory problems including infections or trigger asthma attacks and a variety of allergies. At Carpet Cleaners 4 Less, we only work with EPA-certified disinfectants for HVAC systems to remove mold from non-porous surfaces including ductwork, pans, coils, and plenums, pans. We also tackle mildew and other debris and rely on eco-friendly disinfectants and mold cleaners to effectively eradicate all microscopic mold spores and bacteria responsible for bad odors. Our technicians can accurately clean your air duct systems and help you get rid of pesky and highly invasive mold and spores that are freely moving around your property.

Competitive Mold Removal Prices & Free Estimates

Left untreated, mold colonies embedded in your carpeting or covering your tile and grout, upholstery, or HVAC ductwork can easily lead to a series of health problems. Protect your loved ones and employees by hiring our affordable mold remediation services at competitive mold removal prices. Call now, get your free price estimate from us and let us schedule a mold inspection for you today.


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