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Carpet Cleaners4less is a Top-rated Oriental Rug Cleaning Company NYC, NY

Our professionalism has been cultivated through rigorous training in both standard cleaning practices and organic,
eco-friendly cleaning methods. This training, coupled with our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, has solidified our reputation as a trusted provider in the industry.

Oriental Rug Cleaners NYC

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We specialize in Oriental rug cleaning. Those rugs originating in Azerbaijan, Iran, or Turkey are some of the most beautiful types of carpeting and

oriental carpet cleaningdecorative covers you could own. If such a rug has been in the family for many generations, it has probably passed the test of time over and over again, thanks to the quality and love that have been put into their manufacturing. Traditional carpet weaving is considered a genuine art, and the skills of the weaving artists in the Iranian province of Kashan are now part of the world-renown UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List since 2010.

However, unavoidably, all carpets and covers tend to get covered in unsightly stains and spots every now and then. Pet accidents, heavy foot traffic, dust, and mold could all cause your precious Oriental rugs to look faded and less shiny and plushy. This is where the Carpet Cleaners 4 Less team comes into the picture. We have the right tools, training, and know-how needed to safely clean, restore, and protect your rugs from further damage. We work fast, affordable with the utmost care for the environment in mind every time. We can provide you with the assistance you need on the spot and our free estimates should help you better understand what we do.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Services We Offer

As specialized carpet cleaners who are IICRC-certified, experienced, licensed, and insured/bonded, we are your go-to service for any Oriental rug issues you might be dealing with. We can remove nasty pet stains, stubborn dirt that has reached deep into the fibers of the carpet, as well as other specific issues with your carpets. We know each rug is different and one-of-a-kind and we always work with fully-customized cleaning plans that will avoid any damage.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • free assessments
  • deep oriental rug cleaning services
  • IICRC-certified technicians
  • rug restoration and repairs
  • stain and spot removal services
  • rug deodorization services
  • protective coating
  • silk, wool and cotton rug services

No matter how severely stained your rug may be, whether it is made with the flat-woven or and pile woven technique, we have seen it all, and we are ready to offer the best oriental rug cleaning solutions. Our vast experience and long years of expertise in the field of cleaning Oriental rugs allow us to rapidly assess all rugs and the heavy textiles they are made of, the type of weave and color dye used in the manufacturing, and determine the best strategy.

We rely on eco-friendly, organic cleaners, and cleaning methods and we steer clear from potentially damaging over-the-counter rug cleaners. All of our cleaning technicians have received their certification from the IICRC, which makes them professionals in the field.

Our Most Sough-After Services

Whether you own an Oriental rug at home or at work, decorating your floors, the lobby area, the walls, or your own personal altar, we can understand how important it is to have it cleaned using the least damaging methods. This is why we have developed a reliable multi-step cleaning service that ensures a flawless job every time.

Multi-step Deep Cleaning Service For Oriental Rugs

  • No matter if your rug is made of silk, cotton, or wool, we will begin our process by first testing a hidden surface and making sure there is no risk of any damage. We will also perform dye bleeding tests and provide you with a clear and honest estimate for the cleaning and repair costs. We will perform all the necessary measurements, repairs, and restoration work before the cleaning.
  • Depending on our findings at the end of the assessment we will proceed to use our gentle hand-washing service, deep shampoo cleaning or large industrial wall-mounted rug machine washing strategies. We guarantee that no matter what solution we will use, your Oriental rug will look cleaner and fresher than ever.
  • We will begin by dusting the rug front to back and back and eliminate all traces of dust and dirt that are found at the foundation of your rug. We rely on industrial vacuum cleaners for this step.
  • Soaking and hand-washing will follow. The process will be completed with clean and colt water and water and organic rug shampoo.
  • The thorough rinsing will follow, where our technicians will use squeegees front and back to get rid of all remaining traces of shampoo and contaminants that the vacuuming hasn’t cleaned.
  • Water extraction with an industrial vacuum device will be the next step to ensure zero dripping. Furthermore, your rugs will be hung and left to naturally dry in a temperature-controlled room.
  • Fringe repair and restoration will follow, with the help of hand-brushing procedures.

Oriental Rug Repair And Restoration

We also handle broken weave Carpet Dyeing And Restoring Services for damaged wool or silk rugs and can make your carpets look flawless one again.

Rug Deodorizing And Protective Coating

Carpet Cleaners 4 Less also train in deodorizer services and stain-resistant protective coating application for maintenance goals.we can completely eliminate pet odor and other similar issues and make your rugs look bright and likely with minimum efforts.

The Most Affordable Oriental Rug Cleaning Prices

We offer free quotes over the phone and no-obligation estimated on site. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and let us show you why we are considered one of the most reliable and affordable Oriental rug cleaners in the industry.

Call today and let our friendly customer support team know what you need help with and we will be on our way!

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