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Ensure your home or office shines with our specialized carpet cleaning techniques, tailored to remove stains and refresh your environment.

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Our professionalism has been cultivated through rigorous training in both standard cleaning practices and organic,
eco-friendly cleaning methods. This training, coupled with our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, has solidified our reputation as a trusted provider in the industry.

Carpet Cleaners 4 less

We excel in meeting all your residential and commercial
carpet cleaning requirements.

Area Rug Cleaning

Specialized cleaning techniques for all types of area rugs, preserving their color and integrity.

Wood Floor Cleaning

Restore the natural beauty of your wood floors with our gentle, yet effective cleaning methods.

Furniture and Upholstery

Revitalize your furniture with our deep cleaning services that remove dirt and allergens effectively.

Tile and Grout

Our powerful cleaning solutions make your tile sparkle and your grout look like new again.

Mattress Cleaning

Enjoy a healthier sleep environment with our thorough mattress cleaning services.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Comprehensive Oriental Rug Cleaning that extends the life of your rugs

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” I was planning a big home party and I needed all my carpets to be cleaned within a week. I didn’t think it was possible, buy they’ve outdone themselves. 5 star service, friendly team, will use again.

Erin M, Brooklyn


“‘I’m very happy with the work they did on my old living room sofa. They steam cleaned it in about an hour and charged a decent price. I scheduled all my carpets for steam cleaning next month.”

Jessie M., Bronx

Satisfied Customer

” It was a real pleasure working with them again. They cleaned my living room wool rug and re-weaved a few broken fringes by dog had chewed on. I highly recommend their service to anyone in NY.” 

David R., NY

Apartment Resident

Our Team and Fleet

Explore our gallery to see our dedicated team and state-of-the-art cleaning trucks in action. Each image captures the essence of our commitment to providing top-notch carpet cleaning services throughout New York City.

Professional Silk Rug Cleaners in NYC

Your Go-to Silk Carpet Technicians


Silk rug cleaning is a very specialized service

You can imagine what might happen if you hired some inexperienced techs to do this job. Don’t make that mistake, call us. We will make your rug look new again.

Silk rugs are, without a doubt, some of the most beautiful, unique, and distinct examples of carpeting that you could own. They are lustrous, unique, covered silk rug cleaningin gorgeous patterns and colors, and breathing out the remarkable handwork, care, and love that has been put into their manufacturing. They are also usually handed down from one generation to another and if you happen to be the lucky owner of such a rug, we advise you to give it the proper car such a masterpiece requires.

The Carpet Cleaners 4 Less team is specialized in professional silk rug cleaning services for a variety of models. All of our technicians are certified by the prestigious IICRC body that guarantees high levels of training, skill, and preparation. They are constantly upgrading their knowledge by keeping up with the latest releases and advancements in the industry and they work fast using damage-free procedures and affordable rates.

Silk Rug Cleaning Services We Offer

We know life sometimes gets in the way of you being able to enjoy your precious silk rugs. Accidental spills during home parties, the kids running around holding food in their hands or your pets and their occasional accidents – there is no telling what could occur when you least expect it. This is why our services have been created – to help you take back the lost charm and shine in your dull and fading silk rugs while only paying a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

Here is what we can help you with:

  • advanced silk rug cleaning services
  • silk rig maintenance and repairs
  • restoration and protective coating application
  • organic cleaners
  • non-harmful cleaning procedures
  • IICRC-certified services

We Clean All Silk Rugs

No matter if you own a contemporary or an antique silk rug, small or large, with heavy foot traffic or used as decoration on a wall, we can help you get rid of all traces of mold, dust, debris, grime, and deeply embedded dirt inside the fibers. We have the right training and experience and we can deal with the most complex jobs as well as quick cleaning jobs with equal care and attention to detail.

Advanced Silk Rug Cleaning Services

In order for a delicate silk rug to be cleaned and its fibers to be protected against damage, certain preventive measures need to be first taken. For this, our expert technicians will carefully assess the type of silk fibers used for manufacturing the carpet, the dyes in it, as well as the origins and weaving techniques. All of these factors will help us establish what is the best course of action for the most efficient cleaning procedure. We rely on purified water and organic cleaning products that will ensure no color and dye running and no damage done to the design and fringes.

Our rich experience in the field has taught us that chem-dry cleaning is the worst possible solution for silk rugs, as it could lead to their irreversible damage. Because of the chemicals in the cleaning product, the fibers could be significantly damaged. We will initiate any cleaning procedure with a color test that will help us establish what I methods to steer clear from.

Silk rugs that are made of 100% natural silk require high levels of expertise when washed with water. A Turkish silk rug is the sturdiest from this point of view, but improper drying of such a rug could lead to its cracking over time. Chinese silk rugs, on the other hand, are usually manufactured with the help of pure silk or cotton and they need different solutions. Never rely on an inexperienced carpet cleaner who has no idea how to handle silk rugs. Give us a call and let us put our mind, skill, and elbow grease to work and clean your rugs with organic products and high levels of care every time.

Silk Rugs Restoration and Repair Services

A damaged silk rug can be successfully restored to its original glory with the help of the right procedures and tools. Our technicians can properly fix and restore any type of silk rug in the shortest time possible. No matter if you need some fringes repaired, stains removed or damaged parts of the rug restored, we can handle broken weaves and fibers and even reconstruct larger areas. Once we will be done with the restoration, you will not even know you had a problem with your rug, to begin with.

Unparalleled Silk Rug Cleaning Prices

Every silk rug cleaning job is based on its unique set of characteristics, such as the including the size of the carpet, the type of staining and grime that needs to be cleaned, the products and techniques that we will decide to use and the need for any additional repairs or restoration procedures. Also, if you need us to deodorize your rugs once we are done cleaning them or apply some protective coating that should keep future stains and dirt at bay, we will also have these costs added to the estimate. We provide free, no-obligation quotes over the phone or in person, at your home, and we charge some of the most affordable prices in the industry.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you take back your beloved silk rugs at a fraction of the price of buying a new rug.