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Given the fact that viscose is one of the most sensitive fabrics in the rug manufacturing industry, the cleaning process for viscose rugs is a lot more complicated and demanding compared to other types of area rugs, silk rugs included. The Carpet Cleaners 4 Less team specializes in cleaning, removing stains, and applying protective sealing on all types of viscose rugs at affordable prices, using the safest testing methods and cleaning procedures. Find out more about these delicate fibers, learn what makes them so vulnerable and susceptible to damage and why we are the best cleaners in town for viscose rugs.

Why Are Viscose Carpets So Sensitive?

Viscose rug fibers are manmade with the help of various chemicals, as well as cotton by-products and wood pulp, resulting in a form of cellulose called regenerative cellulose. This type of cellulose in their fibers makes them resemble paper more than regular carpet fibers, thus their increased fragility.

Viscose rugs are also called bamboo, banana, or rayon rugs and they are particularly known for their high liquid absorption capacity, which is associated with a higher risk of damage. If your precious viscose rugs are currently covering the floors in your hallways, living room, or a similar area with a lot of foot traffic, you can expect them to suffer significant changes over a short period of time.

Simply walking on these rugs could trigger serious structural damage that could make them lose their original shimmer and softness. While the fibers are very soft and pleasant to touch and walk on, they are also more prone to get damaged by high temperatures, steam, freshwater, as well as vacuuming using powerful vacuums. Plus, moisture can easily disintegrate a viscose rug, especially at the end of several washing cycles during a stain removal or anti-yellowing washing procedure.

The Carpet Cleaners 4 Less team only works with fine fabric experts who are familiar with all the ins and outs of viscose carpet cleaning. We pride ourselves as being the best viscose rug cleaners in the area, and we warmly invite you to get in touch with us and allow us to show you what we can do for you.

What Makes Us The Number One Viscose Rug Cleaner?

  • Our technicians have received special IICRC training specializing in an array of area rugs and carpeting, including art silk rugs or rayon carpets. They are familiar with the fine art behind the manufacturing of these rugs, as well as their rich history and all the aspects behind a safe and complete viscose rug cleaning process.
  • Our technicians know the entire viscose fiber manufacturing procedure and they are well-aware of its reaction to liquids.
  • They have tested and developed the most efficient cleaning solutions that can lift out fresh spots and older stains without causing too much or any damage to the rug. Please keep in mind that some color fading and dye bleeding are expected to occur, given the very weak strength of the fibers and their inability to hold dye and color.
  • We have carefully studied the chemistry behind these rugs and we understand just how damaging your regular cleaning products can be, hence the reason why we do not recommend you to try any DIY cleaning methods on a dirty or stained viscose area rug.

The Viscose Rug Cleaning Process

Our technicians use low moisture cleaning for most of the viscose rugs that reach them, but the dry cleaning method is also part of our protocols.

The Low Moisture Cleaning Method

We focus on using the smallest amount of fresh water and cleaning liquid possible to prevent the delicate fibers from getting pulled out, broken, and shed, and we finish off using a fine fabric spray that we will be removed just before the rug will be force dried.

The Dry Cleaning Method

The dry cleaning method dry does not rely on any form of moisture. Our technicians use a fine powder that they gently apply to the rug. The powder works by absorbing all the dirt prior to being extracted from the rug using a low-power vacuum cleaner.

Fabric Protectant Application

The sooner or more often a fabric protectant is applied to a viscose carpet, the more it will minimize the quick and harmful absorption of a fresh spill by immediately repelling the liquid. This will prove to be useful not only for tackling accidental staining and spilling, including pet urine but also during the cleaning when the low moisture method is applied. When smaller amounts of dirt get absorbed into the fibers, the intensity of the cleaning process will considerably drop. This means that your rug will be better protected against the specific damage caused by regular cleaning.

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Get in touch with us and allow us to provide you with your free, transparent, fully customized price estimate and schedule a cleaning job with our experienced and skilled viscose rug cleaners. We charge some of the most competitive and affordable rayon carpet cleaning and art silk rug cleaning prices in town and we guarantee a safe and clever approach for each rug that reaches us.

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