Testimonials 1


I had my 8 foot sectional couch cleaned by these fellows last week. They finished one day earlier than estimated, and worked a nice price I was very happy with. They did a very thorough job and even managed to get out that nasty lasagna stain I had to live with for the last couple of years. Would definitely use again and recommend them to anyone! ” Steven H., NY


” Our dog left a terrible stain on my $5,000 Persian rug bough on my last vacation in the Middle East. I tried using bleach and ended up leaving a huge yellow stain behind, worse that the original stain. I called a couple of cleaners in NY and got some ridiculous quotes. I would have been better off buying a new carpet than paying them their estimates. I was on the phone with a friend one night and I told her about my problem, and she was the one who recommended me these guys. They gave me the best quote I could have hoped for, and I schedule a meeting with them. They came over, took the carpet and brought it back in pristine condition 5 days later. You can’t tell there was ever any stain there, and the fringes and colors look fresh and new. Would definitely hire again! ” Mary J., Manhattan


” I’m very happy with the work they did on my old living room sofa. They steam cleaned it in about an hour and charged a decent price. I scheduled all my carpets for steam cleaning next month. ” Jessie M., Bronx


” It was a real pleasure working with them again. They cleaned my living room wool rug and re-weaved a few broken fringes by dog had chewed on. I highly recommend their service to anyone in NY.” David R., NY


” I have to admit I have never seen a cleaning compnay to put so much effort and care into cleaning tile and grout in a bathroom. We had recently moved to our first home and it was a real mess and needed a lot of renovation done. We started with the bathroom and we needed help with the dirty tile and looked like it hadnt beem moopped in a decade. They really pulled it through and left the flooring look sparkling clean. We schedue to have them clean our kicthen and upholstery.“Stacy M., Staten Island


” Very frinedly and knowledgeable, fast cusotmer support and good prices – smaller than competitors.  I did not know what having a mattress stema cleaned truly meant, and they walked me through every step of the way.“Eve J., NY


” I was planning a big home party and I needed all my carpets to be cleaned within a week. I didn’t think it was possible, buy they’ve outdone themselves. 5 star service, friendly team, will use again.“Erin M, Brooklyn