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Steam Cleaning Services – Commercial And Residential

No matter in which Westchester city or village you might live, the Carpet Cleaners 4 Less team can reach and assist you with fast, affordable and high-quality services. Our Westchester technicians rely on the most advanced steam cleaning and disinfecting technologies in the industry.

There is no need to worry about any harmful substances reaching the surfaces inside your house or commercial space and jeopardize the well-being of your your family or employees. We only rely on eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions that will thoroughly clean your area rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, tile and grout, hardwood floors and anything in between.

Vacuum the dust from a tile floor

Give us a call now at (518) 217-4002 and let our Westchester carpet cleaning services assist you with all your carpet and area rug cleaning, upholstery, hardwood floor or tile and grout cleaning needs. We have many years of rich experience under our belt and we are constantly up-to-date with the latest IICRC upgrades and recommendations for the highest cleaning standards.

Get In Touch With The Best Westchester Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

One of the most difficult tasks for home and business owners alike is to keep their carpeting clean and properly disinfected all year long. A lot of foot traffic, pets, dirt, pollution and accidental spilling and staining will easily wreak havoc on any carpet. The dirtier a carpet, the more microscopic germs will stay trapped into the fibers and reach the air you breathe, your skin and lungs and cause various health problems.

The Westchester Carpet Cleaners 4 Less team can assist you with a variety of professional cleaning services that are custom-made and planned to match the needs of every carpet, no matter what type of fabric, weaving style, color dye and staining it might come with. Our IICRC-certified technicians will carefully assess and test hidden surfaces on any carpet before trying a personalized cleaning method. This could be anything form steam carpet cleaning to dry cleaning, hand and machine washing, stain removal, carpet restoration and more.

We can successfully restore dull carpets, bring back the faded colors, eliminate unsightly spots and make the carpets smell fresh and brand new once again. We can also help you get rid of harmful allergens known to trigger different problems in young children and adults prone to suffer from asthma or skin rashes, so make sure you give us a call now and schedule an appointment with us.

Area Rug Cleaning Westchester

Oriental, Turkish, Persian, Chinese Art Deco, flokati, shaggy and other types of area rugs that have been in the family for generations, carpets that are hand-woven, expensive or gifted by important people in your live all need extra care. Our area rug cleaners in Westchester will reach your address

at a time and date that are most convenient to you, complete color-run tests and make sure to implement the safest cleaning methods for each rug that reaches us.

Expert Wood Floor Cleaning Services

CarpetCleaner4Less specializes in advanced hardwood floor cleaning services in Westchester. We are trained to handle all types of hardwood floors ranging from oak, mahogany, cherry, maple and more. Hardwood floors are expensive to replace and we can help you pay a fraction of the costs of buying new floors or having them reconditioned because of nasty stains and deeply embedded dirt inside the boards. With the help of advanced hardwood floor cleaning services, we can manually clean your floors for better results in the long term. We also apply finishing polishes that can prolong the shine for a longer time.

Westchester Upholstery Cleaners

Cotton, silk, velvet, Jacquard, leather or any mix of fabrics your furniture might be covered in makes for upholstery that can be difficult to clean. When heavy staining and dirt that has not been effectively cleaned in months will start damaging the upholstery, you are going to need the hands of a professional to fix the problem. Over-the-counter cleaners that contain bleach and other harmful substances will most likely do even more damage to your furniture.

Mopping a wood floor is a great way to keep it up

Our expert furniture cleaners in Westchester will attentively assess your upholstered pieces of furniture and use the safest steam cleaning or hot water extraction practices, stain removal methods and scotchgarding techniques to leave your furniture looking and smelling better than ever. We can efficiently remove all traces of mildew, bacteria and moths from your dirty sofa, armchairs ottomans, benches or beds. We also apply several scotchgard layers to make sure you will benefit from the benefits of our furniture cleaning for as long as possible.

Tile and Grout Cleaners In Westchester

Over time, bathroom and kitchen tile and grout on the countertop, shower or floor areas can be difficult to tackle when dirt gets deeply embedded into the pores. We specialize in the safest tile and grout cleaning solutions suitable for your exact type of marble, natural stone or graphite porcelain tile and help you save a lot of money on buying new tile for the house or your commercial space.

Westchester Steam Cleaning Prices

Our company does not only specialize in fast and efficient cleaning services, but we also take great pride in the affordable Westchester steam cleaning prices we charge. We offer free, zero-obligation price quotes by phone and we guarantee you will always be paying a fraction of the cots of having your carpets, area rugs, flooring or furniture replaced.

Get in touch with our expert Westchester cleaners now and let us schedule an appointment for you! Allow us to show you why we are the number one cleaner in the area and take back your home or commercial space with our advanced solutions.

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Area Rug Cleaning


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Carpet Cleaners 4 Less focuses specializes in the full range of area rug cleaning services…

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Our Customer Say

Westchester Carpet Cleaning Services 3I had my 8 foot sectional couch cleaned by these fellows last week. They finished one day earlier than estimated, and worked a nice price I was very happy with. They did a very thorough job and even managed to get out that nasty lasagna stain I had to live with for the last couple of years. Would definitely use again and recommend them to anyone !

Steven H., NY